Overhead view of construction workers looking at drawings on a table.

Unlike traditional 3 tier phasing. At Rizcon, we believe in the 4 tier phasing excellence.

Pre-Construction Phase

Here at Rizcon we first meet with the Client to review design options, requirements and strategies . With facilities now becoming more technologically advanced and many facilities becoming “greener”, we have developed specific programs for every Clients specific needs.

Throughout the design process, we are involved in all meetings to ensure that Owner requirements are correctly communicated.

Our design team prepares a schedule and monitors it throughout the schematic-design, design-development, working-drawing, and coordination phases.

Construction recommendations range from materials selection to building systems, labour requirements, constructability, budgets, and value engineering.

When the Client is completely happy with the final design and the vision of the project, we begin the tender process.

Tendering Phase

We begin with issuing drawings bid documents to pre-qualified contractors (trades) for pricing.

Once sub-contractors have provided quotes for the project, our team reviews the quotes to ensure the sub-contractors have included all the necessary construction applications for the project to meet all the Clients requirements.

By including any amendments or revisions to the bid into the contract, we ensure that contracts are prepared for signature first by the Client, then by the contracted parties.

Once the project is awarded to successful sub-contractors, Rizcon will obtain all bonds, insurance certificates, Workplace Safety and insurance Board (WSIB) clearance certificate forms and any other documentation associated with the project from sub-contactors (trades) prior to commencement of Construction Phase.

Construction Phase

First, all successful subcontractors will first be invited to meet with our team of engineers, consultants, and project coordinators for an in-person review of the schedule.

Rizcon will provide a Site Superintendent for the duration of the project to ensure that suitable building methods are used to achieve the greatest level of quality and client satisfaction.

Maintaining regular contact with all subcontractors is critical to staying on schedule and even moving the project forward when possible.

Our team will hold weekly site minutes meetings with all sub-contactors for project updates to ensure set schedule dates are met while maintaining project costs.

Our accounting department will ensure are billings are accurate and submitted to the Client in a timely matter for approval.

Our staff will ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Ensuring that subcontractors (Trades) have completed the scope of work as specified in their prospective contracts as outlined by the scope of work.

At Rizcon we will ensure a full site clean once the project is complete.

Post Construction Phase

Rizcon will conduct a job walk through to address any project deficiencies to the full satisfaction of the Client.

Rizcon will then issue proper close-out documents and ensure a smooth transition for Client taking possession.

We will then have a final meeting with the Client to ensure the Vision set out has been achieved and fully satisfied.